Stand Rouson Hispack 2018 – Fira Barcelona

ROUSON is a company that distributes and sells bottles for the perfumery and cosmetics industries.
It represents three manufacturers, BARALAN, METALCHIMICA and GLOBALTUBE.


• The stand has to be a place to make easier the meet between providers and customers, more than attract new buyers.
• Private corner for meetings.
• All companies have to be the same represented.
• Low budget. Small dimensions.

Stand Rouson
Stand Rouson

We created a message about the utility of the exposed product. How to explain what the PACKAGING is? Of the easier way:

BOTTLES that contains LIQUID. LIQUID contains the BOTTLES. Invert the order and we have the message that show the product essence and the responsibility of the manufacturer with the environment.

With this concept, we make the graphics and decorations using aquariums as a display case with the bottles displayed inside.

Aluminium structures with print fabrics create the different spaces. A private meeting room. A fast and easy assembly and a cheap cost.

The final result is luminous and comfortable with the focus in the aquariums. They are the principal element that attracts the attention of the visitors.